Getting started with modern cloth nappies, but not sure how?

Need some tips to use and wash your cloth nappies?

Ever wondered what happens within a WAHM (work-at-home-mum)’s home/office/headquarters?

This blog chronicles the various milestones of Bean Sprout Bubba, peppered with doses of modern cloth nappy tips, snippets of the working at home life and some mummy insights of managing a household with two very young children.

Rebecca is the owner of Bean Sprout Bubba, a home-based modern cloth nappy business based in Bunbury, Western Australia.

She juggles her business with a family of 2 young children, part-time work and part-time TAFE study.

She used to be a modern cloth nappy demonstrator before starting up Bean Sprout Bubba, so has a huge range of nappies to show and tell to anybody who is interested.

From Rebecca herself:

I have been using modern cloth nappies for almost 3 years now. I’ve used many different brands and different types of modern cloth nappies, traditional nappies and disposables (newborn only). My experiences have been mainly Australian brands and a handful of US/UK brands, so I can speak about nappies to anyone, anytime.

I learnt to sew in 2006, then sewing took a back seat as I embraced handknitting woollen soakers and pants as water-resistant covers to go over nappies. Before the birth of my second child, I made a full set of newborn nappies using the Very Baby pattern. The day before I gave birth I was still banging out bamboo fleece pocket inserts on my overlocker!

The first time I heard about Bubba J nappies was in 2007. at the time they were very hard to come by. I managed to snag a second hand Bubba J pocket nappy in medium for my first daughter and loved the fit. I didn’t find anymore after that, until I got a set of small Bubba J pocket (with hemp insert) and a Bubba J size 1 fitted coupled with a Bubba J cuddlefleece cover. I loved the fit, and was going to buy more when I heard the label was for sale. I jumped at the chance of owning a beloved nappy brand.

Since late 2009 I have been making them to sell at the monthly Stirling Street Art Markets and also online.

2010 saw the arrival of well-loved Australian nappy brands at Bean Sprout Bubba, to complement the current Bubba J range. The Stirling Street Art Centre markets also ceased to run.

There are big changes coming later in the year with a new name, new designs incorporating the latest trends in modern cloth nappies and perhaps a few more market showings. Hope to see you around, or click on the link to go shopping right now!