‘Babywearing’ is a term describing a baby being held close to its caregiver.
This practice is becoming more and more mainstream as modern parents try to emulate the close bond that develops in a traditional carer-baby setting such as in sub-African tribes and some Asian cultures.
It is believed that a baby that is constantly worn will become more secure, cry less, and will have a great deal of exposure to the real world from an adult’s vantage point.

Our family visiting the Singapore Orchid Garden

Ring sling in action – on holidays in Singapore

Personally I do not prefer the term ‘babywearing’ because to me it sounds like baby is worn like clothing or an accessory! I would say ‘carrying baby’ or baby carrying, because that is essentially what it is all about.

With the use of proper slings and equipment,  the term ‘babywearing’ actually denotes that a baby can be carried hands-free, leaving the carer free to continue doing essential energy-giving work for his/her household.

At Bean Sprout Bubba we currently stock high quality carriers like the Caboo range by Close Parent (UK) and the Manduca range (Germany) in the baby carriers and slings section of the online store.

For more information about baby wearing, I strongly recommend that you visit the Baby Carriers Downunder (BCD) blog. You will find all kinds of information regarding baby wearing equipment, links to baby wearing positions, and also an invitation to join the BCD Google group, a rather active email list that is a great networking forum for babywearers in Australia and New Zealand.

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