Babywearing – The Caboo baby carrier range

I have been stocking and giving free local babywearing demonstrations and fittings for baby carriers in the last 12 months now at Bean Sprout Bubba. The two main types that i have in stock are a stretchy wrap-style carrier called Caboo by Close Parent UK, and a soft structured carrier called Manduca which is designed in Germany. Planning to extend my baby carrier demonstration service for ring slings very soon.

The Caboo +organic is a great starter wrap carrier designed to hold your baby close to you using organic cotton fabric as soft as a t-shirt, like most stretchy wraps out on the market. What makes the Caboo special compared to other stretchy wraps is that it is very easy to use and quick to put on, as the wrap is presewn into position and adjustable with sling rings at the waist.

So convenient, especially if your newest tiny bundle is the youngest sibling, leaving your hands free to attend to your other children.

Great for quick mummy snuggles like this:

Caboo +organic carrier holds baby close
You can use your Caboo +organic for front carries, breastfeeding/nursing carries, front facing (for short intervals up to 20 min at a time), and hip carry.

Where other stretchy wraps get relatively uncomfortable around the 8-9 kg mark for front carries, the Caboo carrier is able to comfortably support a heavier older baby (up to 14.5kg) by using the hip carry position, due to the fixed nature of the wrap and the sturdy sling rings.

The next photo shows my very unglamorous shot of my first (failed) attempt at using the Caboo in a hip carry – I followed the instructions here:

I have since perfected the hip carry, and can demo the position for an older bub where needed.

First attempt at using the Caboo in a hip carry - the lower ring should be at the waist! I know better now ;)
First attempt at using the Caboo in a hip carry – the lower ring should be at the waist! I know better now 😉

Another Caboo carrier similar to the Caboo +organic is called the Caboo NCT. The Caboo NCT is geared towards caregivers who are babywearing for only the first few months, using a cotton/polyester blend similar to performance fabric. It is ideal for very warm climates as well due to the lightweight fabric’s wicking properties.

Caboo NCT budget babywearing stretchy wrap carrierFor those especially men who want a slightly more structured carrier while maintaining the ease of use of a Caboo, the Caboo dx can be a great option. I like that the outer pod gives a lot more support for babies at the top end of the 14.5kg weight limit. Pictured below is me and my 14.5kg toddler giving the Caboo dx a whirl!

Caboo dx baby carrier for babywearingFrom my previous review, the Caboo dx is more suitable for the front carry position. The nursing position may be use if the outer pod is removed. Due to the structure of the back support in the Caboo dx, the hip carry position may not be as ideal as the Caboo NCT or Caboo +organic.

Summer swim nappies for babies

Imagine your baby wearing these washable Paddlepants swim nappies, so sweet and gorgeous!

Paddlepants Swim nappies by Seedling BabyThey are adjustable to fit from newborn to toddler and beyond.

These purpose-made little swimmers not only look sweet, but also pack a full set of features, from the leg gussets and the snug elastic waistband to hold any messes inside the nappy, to the rise snaps and double row of snaps to adjust for the best fit.

Tips for using swim nappies at the pool

  1. Most local pools specify under 4-year-olds to be wearing a swim nappy, to prevent toilet accidents leading to closure of the pool for hygiene and cleaning purposes.
  2. For best results, take your child to the toilet before entering the swimming pool, and check for any messy nappies every 30 minutes or so.
  3. Make sure any swim nappy that your child wears is snug around the legs and around the waist to prevent any embarrassing accidents.
  4. If your baby does do a poo, take your child out of the pool immediately to change. Remember to tip any solid waste into the nearest toilet.
  5. After swimming and changing to dry clothing, rinse the swim nappy under tap water to rinse off swimming pool chlorine in order to keep your swim nappy in the best condition.

You can wash your swim nappy in your normal laundry or together with your cloth nappies. They dry quickly, ready for your baby’s next aquatic adventure!

The best thing about using modern cloth swim nappies is that you save money from repurchasing swim nappies, maintain your child’s hygiene by using clean swimmers all the time, and also save extra paper swim nappies from entering the landfill!

I have enjoyed using these swim nappies on my little boy, at 3 years old when he started swimming lessons, he was fully toilet trained. These felt like swimmers during the year before he turned 4 years old.

Over to you: Do you have any other tips for swimming with your baby or young child?

Birthday Specials at Bean Sprout Bubba

It’s my birthday! Celebrate with free regular shipping Australia Wide for Jellystone Designs jewellery and teething toys, pregnancy/maternity products for mum and modern cloth nappies, including Bumboo prefolds and more!

Simply use the gift voucher code BIRTHDAY13 to apply your free shipping when you spend over $85 in one order, offer ends midnight 10 November (Sunday).

This free shipping code is valid for all individual in stock products available under “Baby Nappies” and “For Mum” categories only, including Last Chance Lucky Dip Nappies. Custom made products and bulk packs are excluded.

Orders that include custom made items, bulk packs, and products from other categories will be charged a low flat rate of $10 Australia Wide regular shipping.

Local to Bunbury and pick up for free anyway? No problem!
If you use the code and state that you will pick up your order, I’ll throw in a free mystery gift worth $10+.

Just another way of sharing my birthday love around! 🙂


In other news:

This set of swatches for an order has become…992992_553808698001994_2061521858_n…this bundle of ecoBumba large nappy shells!

ecoBumba Large shells

Rebirth Ceremony Giveaway (by my doula friends)

If you were on Facebook today, you may have seen this giveaway pop up on my page:


Nicole, the doula behind Motherhood Birth Support (and personal friend too!) shared this reason behind Rebirth Ceremonies.


Rebirth Ceremonies can be a very gentle way to heal from birth trauma, and to debrief from unexpected labour and birth situations. The gorgeous, tasteful photography by birth photographer Talitha Eacott (Spring Photography and Birth Support) would give you a tangible momento of the ceremony.

I probably would have gained from a rebirth ceremony especially for my first child. She was born under very difficult circumstances in a cascade of interventions, escalating to a difficult vacuum delivery, short of an emergency c-section. It took a while to heal from that first birth, that a year later when I fell pregnant, I was terrified of going into labour again.

Thankfully my second birth was much easier, but that’s a story for another day! 🙂

So if you want to participate in the Rebirth Ceremony giveaway by Motherhood Birth Support and Spring Photography and Birth Support, please carefully read through the giveaway terms and conditions in the photo above, and follow the instructions to email the giveaway sponsors by 5pm WST on 8th October 2013 (for use in the South West of WA only).