There’s something special about seeing my own child wearing something I have made with my two hands.

When I found out I was having my third child, I was excited as I could finally use ecoBumba on my own newborn.

For those unfamiliar with ecoBumba, it is a one size pocket nappy with a snap-down rise that fits from approximately 3.5kg to 15kg.

Basket of colourful ecoBUmba pocket nappy shells

I have previously blogged about ecoBumba when I sewed my first custom ecoBumba order.

Just as my testers have suggested, this Made in Bunbury nappy is great on a newborn with just the long insert on the smallest setting!
Baby in ecoBumba one size nappy with bamboo inserts Right after a nappy change

Calvin at about 10 days old, wearing ecoBumba ‘Iced Giraffes’ on the smallest rise setting

The bamboo inserts are so much more absorbent than equivalent one size pocket nappies with microfibre inserts.

It contained every mess my baby did, while not too bulky at all.
The two rows of snaps allow independent adjustment of the thigh and waist circumference.
ecoBumba one size nappy with bamboo insert on a newborn baby 10 days old